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Working on your website SEO allows you reach the top of the Google search page for the keywords that represent an interest . The higher you are on the search page, the more clicks you get. The more clicks you have, the more leads come in, and therefore more sales!

To do an effective job in SEO, pay close attention to vendors of “magic, fast and efficient” solutions such as buying backlinks in bulk or content writing that will end up living on uncertain websites. Google is increasing its attention to cheaters and you risk being penalized permanently. When Google penalizes a website, it makes it invisible to any search queries and this is irreversible.

So if you want to get a better SEO for your website and get a return on your investment, this article is for you! Do not hesitate to get in touch if you need more info through the contact form.

Audit of your current SEO situation

The first step in SEO is to ask yourself what keywords you want your website to return to when a user searches for them on Google. A particular product or service? A brand ? A product category?

At the end of this study, establish a list of keywords for which we want to target the first page on Google. Be realistic and don’t attempt the impossible by targeting the keywords of a product or service that represents a tiny part of your business. You risk entering a battle that has already been started by seasoned competitors and who will have already done a long SEO job.

For the rest, it’s time to replenish your toolkit, and for that, here is the list created by MyDigipal.

SEO tools

1) Google Search Console: a relatively easy to set up and free tool that lets you do the following things:

Analyze inbound links to your site

Know the searches that lead to your website

Detect broken links that are hurting your SEO

2) Accuranker : our favorite tool, (89 € / month for 1000 keywords) offers you everything you need for the study of your keywords. You only have to enter a list of keywords that interest you, then enter the list of all your websites, and the software will return you an exact position on Google for which your websites stand out for each keyword.

3) SemRush : a more complex tool (around 83 € / month) but which offers wider SEO possibilities notably:

Analyze your competitors to know their SEO strategy and advertising content on all channels

Research trendy keywords, their degree of competition and their potential to create suitable articles

Perform an audit of your website (backlinks, link concerns, keyword positions and more ..)

Now let's get to work

Here is a list of actions that will allow you to improve the SEO of your website

SEO workshop
in 4 steps

Text on homepage

Create a personalized text on your home page between 500 and 800 words

Make sure to highlight the keywords from your analysis of the current situation as well as the targeted keywords

Add links to key pages (products, contact page, product category, etc.)

Technical SEO

H1, H2, Meta title tags, if you don’t know these elements, here is a tutorial from LINK HERE.

Keep these elements simple and visually pleasing, they represent your brand image and will have a strong impact on your online visibility.


Find partner websites who would agree to promote your content on their website.

Write a quality article to highlight your business and ask this site to highlight the article with the link attached.

Blog posts

A frequently updated website allows Google’s algorithm to justify a lively and well-maintained website.

You can relay this article on Facebook, LinkedIn and in your online advertisements (Google ads and Facebook ads).

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