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Account Based Marketing Definition


Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a marketing strategy that focuses resources on a set of target accounts. It uses personalised campaigns designed to engage each account, basing the marketing message on the specific attributes and pain points of the company.

ABM takes a more holistic view of digital marketing, beyond just lead generation. For example, the Account expansion component by getting more contacts in the buying persona, but also finding out which companies are currently searching for similar solutions of yours.

Theory asides, Account Based Marketing allows you to segment a smaller portion of audience, but making sure the audience you’re targeting is showing a potential via the use of tools & sales enablement technics.

There’s a reason why pretty much all B2B companies are shifting their strategy towards ABM, and it doesn’t have to mean a complete revamp of your company. Start small, controled, check the impact and scale up! 

So far we’ve never seen a business coming out of ABM after stepping a foot in it.

Benefits of Account Based Marketing

Increased ROI

Focus your Marketing $ / £ or €’s to the accounts that really have a potential by quickly eliminating the companies that are not currently looking for your services.

By focusing your marketing efforts on the accounts that are likely to convert, you can minimise time wasting, save costs and lower risks.

Sales & Marketing alignment

Provide accounts that are showing high intent to sales and fill your account records with valuable data (what topic has been consumed by the company and by who within the company).

Create workflows to automatically plan a sales outreach when an account is showing high intent (inmail, email, phone call..)

Better customer retention

When using an intent platform, you can easily see if your existing customers are actively looking for a replacement. Jump on the phone to convince them to stay as soon as one of your customers is looking around.

Use your insights to create meaningful content that is relevant to your customer. Deliver this content to the customer in the right place and at the right time

More personalised approach

When you run an ABM campaign, split your total account list into categories. It can be company size, industry, or the offer you’re interested in advertising. Here are the various advertising strategies:

  • 1 to 1: create personalised banner / video / asset to answer the pain points of a specifc company and promote your brand as the solution of choice
  • 1 to few: split your account list by industry, company size, offer and advertise with a semi personalised messaging
  • 1 to many: advertise generic content to all accounts showing intent
If you want to adopt and leverage best practices in revenue generation and retention, visit our partner’s website

Check out these stats

  • Altera Group reported that 97% of businesses that use an ABM approach saw higher ROIs than with any other marketing strategy.
  • 92% of B2B marketers cite ABM as extremely important to their overall marketing efforts.
  • 87% of marketers that measure ROI say that ABM outperforms every other marketing investment
  • 4% of marketers cite “influence pipeline” as their primary ABM metric

Account Based Marketing FAQ

ABM ‘flips the funnel’ to treat each prospect as a market of one, rather than targeting a wider persona, as inbound and other, traditional lead gen strategies do. Often described as ‘fishing with spears’ rather than ‘fishing with nets’ depending on your ABM objkective, a campaign will begin with a selection of target company accounts (or industry verticals), then work to expand relationships and buy-in with key stakeholders and decision makers within that account or industry.

We have partnerships with the best vendors in the world. Selecting the right Intent data vendor is the first step of any ABM strategy and depends on the market size, industry, ICP and marketing objectives. We support multiple vendors and will be happy to help you selecting the right one.

  • Opportunity to qualify a list of accounts provided by sales via checking the intent score of the accounts given
  • Getting more insights on what the target account list is currently consuming website content about
  • Getting access to a list of net new accounts that are currently surging intent to the sales team so they can focus on the top priority accounts
  • Builds relevance trust and buy-in with large, complex and high-value businesses across the globe
  • Helps you develop buy-in with key stakeholders involved in all buying cycle
  • Works to prove the value of a complex service offering (often a combination of products people and services) to high-value companies
  • Enhances business growth through quality, long-term relationships and relevant conversations (ie – ABM tightly couples the strategic direction of your customer with your proposition)
  • Aligns marketing and sales as business partners to articulate a holistic and joint customer marketing plan

Intent vendors have partnerships with millions of websites. When a user reads content related to your products / services, the intent platform considers it as an intent signal. The user is attached to a company name via an IP address matching, and the company intent score is automatically raised to reflect the content consumption. It’s all CCPA & GDPR compliant.

ABM campaigns can be run on a 1to1 basis (1 campaign to target one account with personalised messaging based on the pain point defined by the intent data) or 1tofew (1 campaign to target accounts showing intent towards a specific pain point or solution of yours).

Email, Paid Social, Programmatic Display and Sales Outreach 2.0 are our weapons to leverage the intent data as part of your marketing campaigns.

Intent data can be pushed to your CRM via native and bespoke integration. Each intent signal is being pushed to the account record so you’ve got a complete view on what each account has surged intent about, as well as an intent score to see which ones are hot, and to be prioritised for your campaigns. You can then setup some reports and workflows to automate the use of intent data across your marketing initiatives.

We usually plan a 3 months period to review the performance of ABM for a company. Our customers report these impacts:

  • 80% say ABM outperforms all other B2B marketing tactics
  • 60% report a revenue increase of at least 10% within a year
  • 84% said that ABM had significant benefits to retaining and expanding existing client relationships

How to build your ABM campaign?

Define what intent is to you

Setup a list of topics & keywords related to your brand, products or services

Value each of these keywords with an intent score

Implement the list into your ABM intent platform

Gather net new accounts

Your intent platform is going to provide you with accounts that are currently consuming content around your products/services

Prioritise accounts that have the best intent score as it means they are actively searching


Push these accounts to Marketing campaigns

Integrate your intent platform with your CRM to push valuable data into the account & lead record

Connect it also with your paid social / display / content syndication programs to advertise towards high intent accounts

Become the best friend of your sales team

Create workflows to get a sales outreach when an account is surging intent

Create reports to share high intent accounts with 

Automate it all

Account Based Marketing in 6 steps

Account Based Marketing Strategies

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