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Give your website a higher position on the search results for your targeted keywords

Social Media

Create amazing content and advertise on various platforms (organic or paid)

Account Based Marketing

Find out which company is surging intent on your products and target them on Paid Social

Funnel Marketing

Gather email adresses which you can follow-up to transform into sales

Paid Search - Google Ads

Select your keywords and show your ads on search results

Display & Video

Create great images & videos to be promoted to your target audience and create the buzz


It depends of the size of your company, if you are B2C or B2B. Each scenario requires a combination of Social media platform and other channels to perform at its best

Absolutely not a must need. Some platforms might not fit with your objective and spreading your budget too thinly will only make the impact weaker.

Content is key, especially considering Google’s constant updates to make sure the websites promoted are relevant and bringing great insights to its users.

Setting up the key marketing efforts can be done very quickly and some initiatives generate quick results. We always tend to start small, and then scale as much as it generates revenue to your business.

Definitely not the channel we would focus on, but offline marketing tends to leverage online efforts and work as a pair.

Learn, practice, test, automate, analyse. If you can do it all on your own, you’re the king! If not, we’re here to support you.

Each company we work for wants to work differently. Some wants to be involved in the strategy, some in the operational side of things, some just want to know the ROI of our campaigns. You decide how much you want to be involve but we’re happy to do everything for you after understanding what are your objectives.

We have built our portfolio of clients solely on recommendations. Also we do not restrain companies with long term contracts or hidden clauses. We believe results talk for themselves and so far it’s proven to be highly successful.

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Dont Just take our word for it

MyDigipal has immersed in our business, its tech stack and processes, before developing a series of digital campaigns offering a disproportionate ROI
Susannah Cole - CEO
We started with one channel, then two, and ended up exploring all the possibilities offered by digital. Their organization and involvement have enabled us to grow our visibility and sales.
Wilson L.- CMO - Nuherbs
A team of digital professionals with crazy empathy and involvement. MyDigipal understood our needs and issues in order to define a clear and effective strategy
Hanine Mhannd - CEO - Goodbye Comfort Zone
A great partner to work with, helped us for all our Digital strategy and well executed
David B. - CEO - House Buyers Wales
Finally an agency that does not require any long-term commitment, which responds and executes at breakneck speed and which does not charge excessive rates
Xavier Rolland -
Marketing Director - Groupe Vulcain
MyDigipal benefits from a 360 view of the entire Digital ecosystem in addition to being an agency on a human scale. It's a pleasure to work with them.
Mark A. - Property118