Funnel Marketing

What is Funnel Marketing?

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The new way of doing Marketing

The new way of doing Marketing

Get insights on what you must do to influence consumers at certain stages. By evaluating your funnels, you can potentially drive greater sales, more loyalty and stronger brand awareness.

Each stage has its own strategy

Each stage has its own strategy

To make it simple, here are the various steps:
I have a problem > I need something > What are my options? > And the winner is.. > Guess who's back!

Never work in silo

Never work in silo

You may already be working on multiple channels and platform. Harmonising them across a unique and powerful strategy will help you reach your objectives.

What are the benefits in Funnel Marketing?

Works on any interaction

Whether you’re looking for online sales, generating traffic for your brick and mortar store or collecting clicks as an affiliate, you need a marketing funnel.

The funnel is powerful way to bring visibility to every stage of connecting with your customer.

Hyper measurable

Your funnel shows you where you’re losing customers, to help you pivot your strategy.

For instance, if you lose customers before they ever get to the second stage, you need a better brand awareness campaign.

Scales up personalisation

Visualisation of the customer’s journey, blending the insights from the intent data, online browsing, past buying history allows you to deliver hyper personalised experiences.

Increases conversion rate

Using each channel at the right stage and with a personalised messaging makes your strategy unique and ensure a better conversion rate which results in more sales and loyalty.

Check out these stats

  • 79% of marketing leads are never converted into sales
  • Only 69% of marketers feel their top priority should be converting leads into customers
  • Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads
  • 96% of visitors to your website aren’t ready to buy anything (yet)
  • 44% of sales rep’s give up after just one rejection. That’s well below the average of 5 attempts needed to make a sale

How to build a powerful Funnel Strategy?

Define your intent

Define topics related to your brand, products or services

Value each of these keywords with an intent score

Implement these topics in an ABM platform

Select your accounts

Ask sales which accounts they are keen to get a marketing support from

Look at what accounts are showing in the intent platform as currently being consuming content around your solution

Categorise accounts by intent score

Push these accounts to Marketing Initiatives

Synchronise the ABM platform with your social media

Create separate campaigns for each intent level or intent topic

Follow-up with Sales

Send warm accounts to Sales

Create intent reports to enhance the visibility of your sales team

Define best practices when it comes to sales follow-up

Automate it all

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