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How to use Social Media to sell more cars?

Target Users when they are Searching

Social media offer the possibility of targeting an audience using criteria such as demographics, age, content previously consumed on the internet, accounts followed, etc. Using the right audience targeting allows you to target users who are actively looking to purchase.

Target users who know you already

Once a user has visited your website or interacted with your social media accounts, they are part of the Remarketing audience. We have 30 days to target the user using different methods. Facebook and Instagram are two powerful tools to reach this audience on their phone or computer.

The Social media Ads Formats

Each strategy has its ad format. Do you want to promote an event? Sell a particular model? Talk about a new model launch? Take advantage of the multiple solutions offered by social networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn to sell more cars or services.

1) Landing Page redirects

Select images and videos

Set your landing page behind the content. Make sure the experience is spot on. 

Track user behavior on the website after clicking on the ad (chat, form, calls, etc.)

Integrate with your CRM, expand your ROI, then scale up until the sky is yours!

2) Integrated Forms

Same system as Traditional Ads, but instead of redirecting the users to a landing page, use an ad that contains a lead gen form within the app itself.

It opens when a user clicks on the image / video / call to action and you can ask pretty much anything you want.

Leads can be sent automatically via Email to the addresses of your choice, and also placed into a Google Spreadsheet so your sales follow-up are simplified.

Check out the video to see how it works!

3) Facebook Catalog Ads

Connect your vehicle feed (new and used) with the social media apps to create an internal catalog with all your cars.

Select a portion of your stock, like a single make or a price range. Or you can go full steam and give a chance to all your cars you never know who’s behind the device.

The cars are promoted via carousels, static images, slideshows and all the fanciest stuff whilst preserving a look and feel of a humanly written ad.

Target users who are currently seeking for a cars via a connection with your website, as well as using the social media targeting methods. Pretty crazy right? And it works like magic.

Come and try!

Digital Marketing Toolbox for Car Dealership

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Get ranked on the keywords with high potential

Social Media

Get your inventory online and show it to users who are searching for a car

Google Ads / Paid Search

Promote your brand on Google by selecting a list of keywords to target and creating optimized ads

Display & Youtube

Show your inventory via Video & Banners on relevant websites, to a qualified audience

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