Google Ads / Paid Search for Car Dealership

How can Google Ads help me selling more cars ?

Premium Keywords

Some keywords are unaffordable in SEO because of a lot of competition. When several concessions target 1st place on google searches for a keyword, it becomes very difficult to recover market share. Including these keywords in your Google Ads campaigns allows you to be present on these searches.

Faster than SEO

It takes an average of 3 to 6 months to see the results of a SEO workshop as you need to let Google’s algorithm do its work and it requires a lot of page views. With Google Ads, the impact is almost instantaneous as your ads will be live within a day and you will see the trafic going up straight away.


People who click on ads are 50% more likely to make a car purchase

63,000 searches are processed by Google every second

65% of small and medium businesses have a PPC campaign

46% of clicks go to the first three paid ads in search results

35% of users buy a product within 5 days of searching on Google

How to run Google Ads for my car dealer site ?

Keyword selection

Define the keywords to target (brands, models, competitors, etc.)

Do not bet on unaffordable and overpriced keywords but rather target those who show a strong interest in an automobile purchase.

Ad writing

Write ads that respect Google best practices and that respond perfectly to user queries (Tuto HERE)

Create multiple versions of your ads so Google’s algorithm can A / B test them and show the best performer

Bid strategy

Learn to maximize the visibility of high potential keywords and reduce those that don’t work

Use scripts and automations to focus on campaigns that have the best cost per lead

Maximize the visibility of audiences who demonstrate good results

Constant optimisations

Google Ads is surely the most complex channel to manage and obtain satisfactory results

Above all, do not set up campaigns and think it’s a job done! Google ads requires frequent and well-studied optimisations to reach the best lead volume & Cost per lead

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Digital Marketing Toolbox for Car Dealership

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Get ranked on the keywords with high potential

Social Media

Get your inventory online and show it to users who are searching for a car

Google Ads / Paid Search

Promote your brand on Google by selecting a list of keywords to target and creating optimized ads

Display & Youtube

Show your inventory via Video & Banners on relevant websites, to a qualified audience

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